Zaniolo love triangle hits headlines

Roma and Italy starlet Nicolò Zaniolo may only be 21, but he’s already accumulating a very complicated love life. ‘When she told me that she was pregnant, I didn’t feel ready.’

The talented trequartista has barely played over the last year following two serious knee injuries, but is targeting a place at the Euros next summer.

This week, he confirmed via social media that he has broken up with long-term girlfriend Sara Scaperrotta and started a relationship with Romanian model Madalina Ghenea.

Ghenea is 12 years older than Zaniolo and already has a daughter from a previous relationship.

The complicated part is that magazine Oggi claims his ex-girlfriend Sara is pregnant with his baby and moved back in with her parents after cohabiting with Zaniolo.

“My relationship with Sara has been over for a while,” Zaniolo told La Gazzetta dello Sport online edition, confirming the news is true.

“As perhaps is normal at our age, living together, we realised that we just didn’t get along anymore and there were some things that just didn’t fit in with my life as a professional football player.

“We did dream of a family together a few times, I won’t deny that, but then things went differently.

“When she told me that she was pregnant, I was very honest in making clear that I didn’t feel ready for such a commitment, especially as we no longer got along very well, but she decided to continue the pregnancy. It’s a decision I respect.

“Although I am no longer her boyfriend, I will take on my share of the responsibility as a father. I hope this can end the talk about my private life and people can get back to just talking about me as a player.”


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