‘Veretout never thought about Napoli’ – Exclusive

Mario Giuffredi, agent of several Serie A players including Jordan Veretout, says the Roma star ‘never thought about leaving’ in an exclusive interview with Football Italia where he throws Elseid Hysaj’s Napoli future into doubt.

How has the Coronavirus pandemic changed your job?
“Personally, I feel scattered right now. I used to travel around the world to watch games and meet other people. Now I’m not doing anything of what I used to do, my life has changed. I prefer not to meet my players, I don’t go out for dinner with them anymore, I prefer to stay away from them because you never know what can happen. The world of football is struggling more than before. It’s even difficult to program the future.”

Cristiano Biraghi has just signed a new contract with Fiorentina. How is he feeling and what did he learn in his one-year spell at Inter?
“He is happy to have made return to Fiorentina, he feels like he’s joined the club for the first time. He has lot of enthusiasm, the ownership is new and ambitious and the environment is good, he is really happy to continue his career in Florence. He had a great experience at Inter with a top coach and teammates of high level.”

Jordan Veretout is enjoying a very good start to the season with Roma, but he could have left in the summer, why did he decide to stay?
“Napoli wanted to sign him at all costs but we decided to stay because he is happy in Rome. He likes the coach and the fans love him. Honestly, we’ve never thought about leaving.”

What’s the relationship with the new Roma’s ownership?
“All the players, not only Jordan, haven’t kept direct contacts with the new owners. They’ve met them in person of course and they have noticed they are very present, more than the previous owners. They feel it and they feel better now.”

Elseid Hysaj’s contract with Napoli expires at the end of the season. What’s going to happen? Does he want to stay or will he leave as a free agent?
“Our priority is to have a look around and evaluate every possible offer for him. We’ll choose the best one.”

How about Mario Rui and Giovanni Di Lorenzo?
“They signed a new contract a few months ago, they are going to stay and they want to continue at Napoli.”

Davide Faraoni was one of the revelations of the last season and this campaign has started off very well as well. What has the future in store for him?
“Yet again, he’s recently signed a new contract. He has good feelings in Verona. It’s not fair to talk about potential transfers after a contract extension. He is focused on Verona and he wants to make another great season. We’ll see if any offer will come in January or at the end of the season. He is ready for a top club, if the economic situation of Italian football changes, maybe he could sign for a big team in the future.”

Andrea Conti has just returned from an injury, is he planning to stay at Milan?
“He underwent an arthroscopic cleaning intervention at his knee in the summer and he’s returned to training since two weeks. He is available now. He was the starter on the right last season, then he had to have a surgery. It’s wrong to think he could leave in January, he’ll challenge [Davide] Calabria for a spot in the starting XI and the best one will play.”


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