Serie A prize money revealed

Inter will earn €23.4m in TV revenue for winning the Serie A and there’s a difference of almost €3m between the second and the third-placed.

As Calcioefinanza reports, the TV pool for the 2020-2021 Serie A campaign is around €1.1 billion. Half of the sum is divided into equal parts among the 20 teams participating in the league.

A further 20 per cent is distributed according to the club’s supporter base and the remaining 30 per cent is split based on performances: 15 per cent depending on the current season, and 15 per cent on results from 1946. 

Inter have won their first Serie A title in 11 years and will get €23.4m, but Milan, Atalanta and Napoli can all finish behind the Nerazzurri.

Milan face Atalanta away on Sunday, while Napoli host Hellas Verona at the Stadio Maradona.

Juventus play away from home at Bologna and need a victory to finish in the top four, but either Napoli or Milan must fail to do the same.

A top four finish would make a huge difference in economic terms thanks to the Champions League prize money.

Inter and Atalanta have already earned a Champions League spot, and two between Milan, Juventus and Napoli will get the remaining ones.

Serie A prize money:

  1. €23,4m
  2. €19,4m
  3. €16,8m
  4. €14,2m
  5. €12,5m
  6. €10,9m
  7. €9,3m
  8. €8,3m
  9. €7,4m
  10. €6,3m
  11. €5,5m
  12. €5m
  13. €4,6m
  14. €4,1m
  15. €3,6m
  16. €3,2m
  17. €2,8m
  18. €2,2m
  19. €1,6m
  20. €0,9m





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