Roma stop new stadium project in Tor Di Valle

Roma have confirmed CEO Guido Fienga’s position and announced that they will not pursue the project of building a new stadium in Tor Di Valle.

After 3,313 days from the beginning, Roma have blocked the stadium project in Tor Di Valle, as the Board of Directors of the Giallorossi approved to stop the process due to non-existing conditions.

The Giallorossi announced the financial report for the first six months of 2020-21 and confirmed Fienga’s position as CEO of the club.

Within the document, La Lupa took stock of the project for the new stadium in Tor Di Valle too.

“The ownership of AS Roma intends to invest, to be competitive, in a winning team that can play in a new modern and efficient stadium,” the club wrote in a statement.

“The investigations conducted by financial, notary and legal advisors, as well as in the light of the latest communications from Rome, verified that the conditions no longer exist to confirm the interest in use of the stadium to be build as part of the current real estate project relating to Tor Di Valle area, since the latter project has become impossible to execute.

“The Board of Directors – after examining the analyses carried out by the advisors regarding the financial, economic, legal and factual conditions of the project and its proponent – acknowledged that these conditions prevent further progress.

“The Board of Directors also noted that the pandemic has radically changed the international economic scenario, including the financial prospects of the current stadium project.

“This decision was made by the Board of Directors in the interest of the club, recalling that the same would be the mere user of the plant, and was communicated to the Administration of Rome Capital today.

“Having said this, the club confirms its intention to strengthen the dialogue with the Administration of Rome Capital, the Region and all the relevant institutions, the Universities of Rome and the sports institutions, to create a green, sustainable and integrated stadium, constructively discussing all the hypotheses, including Tor Di Valle, and evaluating all possible initiatives to protect the interests of the club, of all its shareholders and its fans.”


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