Roma fans: ‘Make sure they remember us’

Roma fans will meet outside the Trigoria gates to spur the Giallorossi on before travelling to Manchester. ‘Make sure they remember us’.

The Gialloross travel on Wednesday, one day ahead of the big game at Old Trafford against Manchester United in the first of two legs in the Europa League semi-finals.

The Curva Sud will meet at 13.30 (12.30 UK time) outside the sports centre and on Twitter the fans have encouraged La Lupa to make sure Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remembers them.

A few days ago, the Red Devils coach said: “I don’t know Roma well and I haven’t seen them play, I know they played two good games against Ajax.”

This sentence set off the Roma fans ahead of the two semi-finals against United, and fans have covered various points in the capital, including Trigoria, with banners to spur on the Giallorossi.

The posters recite the quote of Solskjaer, with the added caption: “Make sure they remember us.”

Image credit: Roma fans on Twitter


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