Dzeko against Rubin Kazan

The gate of ruby in danger, when it took off beautifully from pointed angle, brought Ryzhikov could however parieren in the 10th minute. Sat down besides in the 63. Minute strongly in the Strafraum through, failed however again because of the ruby Keeper. Beautifully also its preliminary work to the balance hit. Substantially more actively than its storm partner.


On one already before whistled for the start heavily in pulled playing field presented themselves equal heads of the household more awake and invested more run readiness into the play. With a duel with Abwehrhüne Madlung had of Kazan’ Stürmer Bukharov briefly with bleeding nose the field to leave. The effort of the Russians to the defiance the VfL the first good chance erspielte itself, but Dzeko assigned in accordance with Gentners preliminary work. The portion was particularly in the initial quarter of an hour of numerous duels and aggressive work coined/shaped against the ball. Above all Josué and Hasebe showed thereby their qualities in ball back conquest. To a Foulspiel of the Japanese Hasebe however, Kazan’ came to a good possibility: Noboa shot the due Freistoß impudently before the gate of VfL Keeper Hitz, the 1.98 meters large Orekhor missed by head the goal only scarcely.

In the consequence it tried Wolfsburg occasionally with long balls, successfully however was only the Dribblings of Misimovic over right. Disorder in the Wolfsburger defensive provides finally for the guidance hit in the 29. Minute: The strong Ansaldi flankt from left in the Strafraum and Noboa can after Kabzes head ball extension to the 1:0 in-punch. Later Hitz with a gloss parade higher arrears prevents only two minutes – Bukharov took freely a shot. The German master from Wolfsburg looked afterwards for means, in order to crack the stable defensive of the Russians, but Gentners of distance shots remained without large effect.


At the beginning of the second passage it was to be seen clear that the further process will become very balanced: Kazan’ could not hold on the run readiness and dynamics from the first half time, reset a course. It lacked the VfL Wolfsburg occasionally ideas and structure, even if the efforts of the guests were clearly evident. The last warning shot to the team of Lorenz Günther Köstner came then into the 61. Minute: Gökdeniz plays Stürmer Bukharov freely, the ball lands however lands directly in the arms of the attentive Wolfsburger of conclusion man Hitz.

Suddenly Wolfsburg showed more presence, Misimovic, shepherd and Gentner gave particularly over the left side gas. In the 67. Play minute succeeded then finally the hard fought for balance hit: Shepherd fit briefly on Misimovic, which came from halfleft position freely to the gate shot. Owing to its technical finesse the Bosnier the ball zirkelt elegantly in for a long time hits a corner – the strong Keeper Ryzhikov is without chance. Only nine minutes later Misimovic sets a Freistoß to the slat, after a corner of Martin header from two meters distance is successfully repelled. In the final stage both teams the force wear was to be marked clearly, Wolfsburg was satisfied with the undecided.


Above all the strong initial phase of ruby Kazan’ made for the wolves to create. The offensive axle of the Russians around Gökdeniz and Bukharov was perfectly supplemented: Thus not only counsels for the defense intervened Ansaldi, but also the midfield players outstanding in the offensive play. Noboa shot the guidance gate, was unbelievable agil, stabilizer in the defensive and creative post in the attack.

The play of the wolves was coined/shaped in the first half time particularly by single actions: Gentners of remote shots and Misimovics Dribblings were the strongest weapons. After the break also Edin Dzeko mixed and above all Marcel together shepherd more. This employment was finally rewarded with the earned Ausgelich.

The Wolfsburger Misimovic provided with its gate for a good starting situation in the replay next week. In the Castrol ranking the Bosnier is on rank 186 and is thereby the eight-best midfield player of the federal league. Even if it plays however in the next weeks so strongly, in the ranking nothing stands for a clear improvement in the way. In order to catch up association colleagues Edin Dzeko however, „Zwetschge would have “gas to correctly give: Dzeko is in the total ranking on place 14.

Milan can’t sign Dzeko

Milan has finalized its persecution by the end of the Wolfsburgo Edin Dzeko because they cannot allow similar cost, according to informs Il

The great season of Borriello Frame and the increase in the level of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar would have influenced in this decision, reason why the rossonero no longer would need to the international by Bosnia.

Milan, is known. it has been talking with Dzeko the past year and, in spite of a summer of negotiations, it could not clock on and off to him. One of the reasons is its high price, that now has increased to 40 million Euros, which fed the speculations of which the Italians are not going to spend that amount in a player.

The agent of the player, Irfan Redzepagic, feels that Milan will not be able to convince to Wolfsburg, unless offers a great agreement to him.

“I believe that Milan would have difficulties in the fulfillment of the clause of 40 million Euros to have to Dzeko. An agreement with Milan is very far”, said the agent.

2 goals against Bochum

The reporters tend to always say a play with two completely different halves. The applicable than in never was the play „of the wolves ?against the VfL Bochum. After a completely overslept first half „the wolves bit themselves ?back and turned the play.

Winter football was announced in Volkswagen arena, where some VfL – Wolfsburg – met the other VfL – Bochum -. After an undercooled first half time the 27,000 fans saw then however nevertheless still another zünftigen Kick.


The “wolves” began with magnifying glass-pure 4-4-2, in the Marwin Hitz again between the posts stood. Naturally Grafite and Edin Dzeko formed the offensive. Heiko Herrlichs team began with Vahid Hashemian as only genuine storm point. It to support should Holtby, Epallé and suitors.


From difficult Geläuf to speak, a smooth Untertreibung would be, was nevertheless on half of the place still snow. Technique football was not, and the Bochumer understood better. The “wolves” had the first gate chance by Grafite, but otherwise they remained harmlessly, over not to say disappointing. Differently the Bochumer, which played well against the ball – in the example of Vahid Hashemian, which in the 25 minute Andrea Barzagli unfortunately into the ribs met, over-motivates also sometimes. But not only that, it played also forward and became in the 28. Minute by a beautiful distance shot of Paul Freier with the guidance rewards. In the 35. Minute was for the suffering Barzagli then conclusion. For it Hasebe, on which „the wolves ?, came however nothing computable became somewhat stronger to take out could. The half time guidance for Bochum was anyhow earned.


After the page overflow the master invested more, remained however still without pressure and creativity. To the gate hunters absolutely in the 60 minute slammed shut: After a sugar passport of to the left of Marcel shepherd delayed Edin Dzeko the foot and extended to reconciliation. Nevertheless: The play over the wings did not function with the wolves on the whole really. In the 64. it was again Dzeko, which was with an header to the place, to which however into the net did not go. At all the Dzeko still pale in the first half moulted itself to the asset. Suddenly also the play functioned over the outside – particularly over left, and promptly the guests from the Ruhrpott came around other time under pressure. Discharge hardly gave it for the Bochumer to more – as if the thread would have torn. Consequence in the 75.: The 2:1 by the Obafemi Martin exchanged for Grafite, which in-wetted on a passport from right from Hasebe. Four minutes later it came for the guests club-thickly, than Keeper got army car Edin Dzeko of the legs. The Gefoulte began even and met for preliminary decision. The 4:1 of Jonathan Santana with a wonderful distance shot in the 91. Minute was only a case for the statistics.


The reconciliation of Edin Dzeko in the 60. Play minute was like that something like a wake-up for Wolfsburg. Suddenly they noticed that Bochum begins to crack actual if one with that soccer games.


To hardly believe, how someone can untwist after a completely colorless first half still in such a manner: Provided for the reconciliation, which Elfer rausgeholt and directly still sink – everything correctly made.


Half time of one was for forgetting. Only as „the wolves ?nevertheless still für’s soccer games decided, the portion became substantially, phasenweise even good. The home victory was earned, because after the break tea nothing more was to be seen by the guests.


So it can go: Only Knorz, then a breath of fine food, and with difficult conditions. Sometimes evenly a good scene is sufficient to take in order to awake-shake a whole crew – and the opponent from the play.

Dzeko scored against Villareal

Dzeko’s team against FC Villarreal

The VfL Wolfsburg created it! After a 4:1 – those drew victory against the FC Villarreal Lower Saxony into the round of the last sixteen Europes League. For the first time in association history.

The VfL Wolfsburg found the way back finally into the success trace. After the 2:2 – undecided from the first leg last week against the FC Villarreal, triumphed the German master on Thursday evening with 4:1 in the replay of the Europe League Zwischenrunde. There „the wolves “draw thereby into the round of the last sixteen and meet on ruby Kazan’.


VfL coach Lorenz Günther Köstner saw no reason to changing and let the same to eleven as against Schalke 04 on weekend begin. Completely different on the other hand it its Spanish colleague, Juan Carlo Garrido, which made changes equal five. Fishing rod, Godin, Rodriguez, Cani and Pires played for Javi Venta, Musacchio, Marcano (red barrier), Matilla and Marco Ruben.


The VfL Wolfsburg put before domestic public equivalent well loosely. Already after ten minutes the German master went with 1:0 into guidance. Josué played a beautiful passport into the run of Dzeko, which hunted the ball from twelve meters under the slat of the Spaniards. Only one minute later came to a hold the 25,000 spectators the breath. VfL Keeper Hitz let a shot of Marcos Senna only to poor copy, Fuster came to the ball, could not it however not in the gate accommodate.

The speed of the play remained high. In the 15. The Wolfsburger put and went minute then after with 2:0 into guidance. Goal scorer was however a Spaniard. Over the strong Josué the ball landed with Misimovic and Grafite. The Brazilian played a flat ball into the Strafraum, fishing rod wanted before Dzeko to clarify, pushed the ball thereby however in the own gate. Shortly thereafter nearly the 3:0 fell, but this mark could divert fishing rod a shot of Misimovic still in gate from.

Villarreal found only after scarcely a half hour again in the play and already stood it for 1: 2. Capdevilla became generally accepted after a corner of Marcos Senna against shepherds and cut back from five meters in the VfL gate. The Spaniards had thereafter still further good possibilities by Pires and Marcos Senna, but the point of conclusion in the varied portion was reserved the Wolfsburgern. Before the end of the first half Gentner increased four minutes after a flank of Dzeko on 3: 1.


The second half began substantially more calmly. Gentner came after 50 minutes to an attempt, but Diego Lopez placed before no all too large problems. Villarreal took over control after one hour over the play and erspielte themselves some good chances in the minutes pulse. But neither Pires with a Aufsetzer, Nilmar with an header still Llorente could accommodate the ball in the gate of the VfL Wolfsburg in the gate.

That should avenge itself after 64 minutes. Misimovic brought a Freistoß direction Strafraum, Grafite ran to direction gate and spitzelte the ball to the 4:1 into the box. The Brazilian stood thereby in the offside, but arbitrator Tudor did not whistle. For Grafite it was the third hit in the second play against the Spaniards. Afterwards the Wolfsburger Keeper Hitz stood in the focus, which reacted against Marcos Senna and twice against the bullethole-ready Nilmar strongly and protected its team a further Gegentor, and thus the 4:1 – victory held. Misimovic had pitch in the conclusion minute still, when he met the post with a mad shot only.


The Spaniards omitted some good chances, a reconciliation to the 3:3 would have been quite possible. But after the hit from Grafite to the 4:1 the play had run. The Brazilian and also its storm partner Dzeko made a good play and seem slowly however surely again their Top form to reach. Besides Misimovic and Josué made a good portion. With the FC Villarreal were Nilmar and Marcos Senna still most remarkably.


Dzeko made today a very good and remarkable portion. It obtained a hit and prepared a further. The Bosnier takes up slowly trip.

ARBITRATOR: Alexandru Tudor – note: 4

The play had the Romanian as far as possible under control. Both crews delivered a altogether fair portion, so that Tudor was not often compelling to acting. With the 4:1 by Grafite however on offside would have had to decide.


The spectators in the Volkswagen arena got a good, with many gate chances garnierte, portion to see. At the end the Wolfsburger fan could celebrate the introduction in round of the last sixteen, largest success in the European Cup of association history.

Note: The note scale is enough as with the play note of 1 (work arbeitsverweigerung) to 10 (world class).


Captain against captain, centre zone strategist against centre zone stepping gene: The duel between Josué and Marcos Senna took place on eye level. The Brazilian of the Wolfsburger lies in the Castrol of ranking with 543 points however only on rank 543 (in December still on rank 469). Marcos Senna with 621 points on rank 263. The Spaniard has thereby at least in the ranking the nose in front, which play has he lost.


The VfL Wolfsburg drew earned into the round of the last sixteen Europe League. Grafite spoke before the play of the possibility in the final to draw in. If the Wolfsburger can confirm the today’s achievement further, the VfL could quite be good for a surprise.