2 goals against Bochum

The reporters tend to always say a play with two completely different halves. The applicable than in never was the play „of the wolves ?against the VfL Bochum. After a completely overslept first half „the wolves bit themselves ?back and turned the play.

Winter football was announced in Volkswagen arena, where some VfL – Wolfsburg – met the other VfL – Bochum -. After an undercooled first half time the 27,000 fans saw then however nevertheless still another zünftigen Kick.


The “wolves” began with magnifying glass-pure 4-4-2, in the Marwin Hitz again between the posts stood. Naturally Grafite and Edin Dzeko formed the offensive. Heiko Herrlichs team began with Vahid Hashemian as only genuine storm point. It to support should Holtby, Epallé and suitors.


From difficult Geläuf to speak, a smooth Untertreibung would be, was nevertheless on half of the place still snow. Technique football was not, and the Bochumer understood better. The “wolves” had the first gate chance by Grafite, but otherwise they remained harmlessly, over not to say disappointing. Differently the Bochumer, which played well against the ball – in the example of Vahid Hashemian, which in the 25 minute Andrea Barzagli unfortunately into the ribs met, over-motivates also sometimes. But not only that, it played also forward and became in the 28. Minute by a beautiful distance shot of Paul Freier with the guidance rewards. In the 35. Minute was for the suffering Barzagli then conclusion. For it Hasebe, on which „the wolves ?, came however nothing computable became somewhat stronger to take out could. The half time guidance for Bochum was anyhow earned.


After the page overflow the master invested more, remained however still without pressure and creativity. To the gate hunters absolutely in the 60 minute slammed shut: After a sugar passport of to the left of Marcel shepherd delayed Edin Dzeko the foot and extended to reconciliation. Nevertheless: The play over the wings did not function with the wolves on the whole really. In the 64. it was again Dzeko, which was with an header to the place, to which however into the net did not go. At all the Dzeko still pale in the first half moulted itself to the asset. Suddenly also the play functioned over the outside – particularly over left, and promptly the guests from the Ruhrpott came around other time under pressure. Discharge hardly gave it for the Bochumer to more – as if the thread would have torn. Consequence in the 75.: The 2:1 by the Obafemi Martin exchanged for Grafite, which in-wetted on a passport from right from Hasebe. Four minutes later it came for the guests club-thickly, than Keeper got army car Edin Dzeko of the legs. The Gefoulte began even and met for preliminary decision. The 4:1 of Jonathan Santana with a wonderful distance shot in the 91. Minute was only a case for the statistics.


The reconciliation of Edin Dzeko in the 60. Play minute was like that something like a wake-up for Wolfsburg. Suddenly they noticed that Bochum begins to crack actual if one with that soccer games.


To hardly believe, how someone can untwist after a completely colorless first half still in such a manner: Provided for the reconciliation, which Elfer rausgeholt and directly still sink – everything correctly made.


Half time of one was for forgetting. Only as „the wolves ?nevertheless still für’s soccer games decided, the portion became substantially, phasenweise even good. The home victory was earned, because after the break tea nothing more was to be seen by the guests.


So it can go: Only Knorz, then a breath of fine food, and with difficult conditions. Sometimes evenly a good scene is sufficient to take in order to awake-shake a whole crew – and the opponent from the play.