Marotta: ‘International bans not equal’

Inter director Beppe Marotta appeals to Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora for ‘equality’ in players banned from going on international duty by local health authorities.

The controversy erupted this evening with reports that several clubs who had at least one current COVID-19 case had been ordered to remain in their ‘bubble’ of self-isolation by their local ASL.

That means not travelling for international duty ahead of friendlies and the Nations League fixtures.

The clubs were believed to be Fiorentina, Genoa, Lazio, Roma, Sassuolo and Inter.

However, Inter director Marotta told news agency Ansa tonight that his club has not received any stay at home orders.

“This situation is creating inequality, so I demand the Minister for Sport Spadafora intervenes,” said Marotta.

“It alters the regularity of various tournaments. I find it absurd that the ASL in different regions act differently, from Rome to Milan to Florence.

“There are protocols, but there is also this grey area created by the lack of any central organisation. Every ASL then becomes crucial to the fortunes of the club.

“This makes my raising the alarm even more important, as I said a few days ago we had to protect players from injury on international duty.”

Inter are protesting that other Serie A clubs would gain an advantage from players having travel bans, and they want to be given the same treatment as the others.


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