Marotta: ‘Dzeko? Agents too audacious’

Inter director Beppe Marotta insists Edin Dzeko and Alexis Sanchez agents ‘were too audacious’ in by-passing the clubs, while he warns Romelu Lukaku to refrain from ugly scenes.

The match with Benevento kicks off at 19.45 GMT, click here for the line-ups and LIVEBLOG.

Inter went through to the Coppa Italia semi-final this week, but Lukaku was involved in an ugly row with Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. What do Inter make of Milan’s position Ibrahimovic was defending his teammates?

“The images are clear for all to see. I can say, knowing Lukaku well, that he is not an aggressive person,” Marotta told DAZN.

“Having said that, it was certainly not a positive advert for Italian football, or football in general. Our duty as the club is to educate our players not to behave like this, because children are watching and we want to see only positive images, so no violence, and I include verbal violence in that too.”

The last few days were also overshadowed by reports Dzeko would join Inter in an exchange of loans with Alexis Sanchez going to Roma.

“Agents have been a little too audacious in pushing forward negotiations without speaking to the owners. The negotiations effectively ended before they began,” shrugged Marotta.

“As Antonio Conte said, if there are some players who are unhappy and want to find other clubs, it’s not right to withhold them. We do not have any of those situations.

“Therefore, this is the squad we will have to the end of the season.”

Christian Eriksen scored the winner against Milan midweek and is in the starting XI this evening.

“When there is a big club, there are no first-choice players. There are just professionals who must answer to the coach and his decisions.

“Over the course of the campaign, Eriksen too can have an important role in the team, whether he plays more or less.”

Inter are taking advantage of the Government decree allowing them to postpone the payment of player wages due to the financial crisis caused by the pandemic.

“We are in a moment where the club is in difficulty, so we have come together to overcome these obstacles. We respect these lads, so I won’t deny we spoke to their agents, but it’s a problem we will face further ahead, knowing we can rely on great professionals, just as they can rely on a club that is honest with them.”


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