Mancini: ‘Roma don’t question Fonseca’

Gianluca Mancini insists Roma players didn’t question Paulo Fonseca’s choices but reckons the Giallorossi ‘must improve.’

The Giallorossi face Ajax away in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals tomorrow.

“We knew from the very beginning this would be a complicated season. We play every three days. We need to be good at recovering physically and mentally. I feel well, I am 25, and I am doing the best job in the world,” Mancini said at a press conference.

There have been rumours some Roma players questioned Fonseca’s choices after their draw at Sassuolo, but Roma denied it.

“I’ve heard these rumours too, but these things have been said to create trouble for us,” Mancini insisted.

“We don’t question the coach’s choices. When we play once a week, we go at a higher pace, but playing every three days, we train with the games.

“We know we can do better. We know we can improve, especially defensively,” the former Atalanta added.

“We speak about that with the coach. We analyse our mistakes. We have the tenth defence in Serie A, and we are unhappy about that.

“We have important players and we are aware of it. We’ll try to improve starting from tomorrow.”


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