Liverani: ‘Challenging Roma’

Fabio Liverani believes Parma have room for improvement and that the game against Roma will tell more about the level they’ve reached.

“If you don’t consider the game lost by default against Hellas Verona, Roma are the only unbeaten team in Serie A in official games,” Liverani said at a press conference.

“The coach is very good, they have found continuity and they added some pieces of great quality and experience to improve the team.

“It’s a difficult commitment for us but it’s also a game in which we want to understand which level we’ve reached both in terms of personality and playing style.

“The team arrives having done only a few training sessions all together, like all the teams that had players with the national teams.

“In these two weeks, however, we worked with those who remained and we trained well. The group is starting to get to know each other better and this is evident. Don’t forget most of these players arrived in the final days of the transfer window. We’ll see where we are after the next seven Serie A games and the Coppa Italia match.

“We need to be aware that there is room for improvement and that we have strong players, regardless of who is available and who will go on the pitch.”


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