Juric: ‘Verona can’t relax’

Hellas Verona coach Ivan Juric said ‘fans and journalists are out of their minds’ and admitted the 3-1 defeat to Roma in Serie A was ‘a wake-up call’.

Roma were 3-0 up after only 29 minutes and Verona struggled to bounce back from the poor start.

Juric said his players can’t afford to ‘relax’ and doesn’t want to see a similar scenario again.

“I think our reality is very small,” he said at a press conference. “Fans and journalists are out of their minds, they don’t see what we do.

“If my players relax, it ends badly. It’s a wake-up call, what we saw today must not happen.

“Those who are below us and have better squads must ask, ‘why not us?’.”


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