Inzaghi: ‘Benevento deserved more’

Pippo Inzaghi feels the 5-2 result was ‘harsh’ on Benevento, as they ‘had 10 shots on goals and played on level terms for at least 70 minutes’ with Roma.

Once again, Le Streghe showed they are in Serie A to play, as their only two defeats this season have both been 5-2 scorelines against Inter and Roma.

Gianluca Caprari had even given them the early lead at the Stadio Olimpico and Gianluca Lapadula got them on to 2-2 before a late flurry of goals.

“Coming to the Olimpico and having 10 shots on goal, playing at least 70 minutes on level terms, that’s a good thing. I think the 5-2 result is harsh, but I’ll keep the performance,” the coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“Clearly, some of our players are in their Serie A debut season, so there are going to be errors, but the fact we can take the lead away to Roma, fight back to 2-2, go close to 3-3 and never give in, I’ll take that.

“I know that 99 per cent of the time you lose these fixtures, so I’d rather go out there and play it. Newly-promoted or not, we have to play our football everywhere and I appreciate the mentality.

“Unfortunately, we shouldn’t concede on the counter when we’ve got the ball. The penalty was also something I’d like to see again, as the goalkeeper told me he got the ball. I just think if they have VAR, go and check it.

“I don’t know what the rules are nowadays, but if the goalkeeper can touch the ball and it’s still a penalty, then what is he supposed to do? I don’t consider that a penalty.”

The penalty awarded to Benevento was not dissimilar, as Jordan Veretout did get the ball too just before catching Artur Ionita.

“I admit, they are fairly similar situations. I just feel that if you get the ball, it shouldn’t be a penalty. It’s not like you can disappear.”

Inzaghi was asked if he had taken a more attacking approach this season, developing from his experiences at Milan and Bologna.

“People tend to remember when things go badly, they forget what I did at Venezia and also Benevento last season. My mentality is to go and play against everyone, I am not interested in trying to win 1-0, because it’s the only way we can achieve the miracle of staying in Serie A against these superstar opponents.

“You’re going to concede, so you may as well attack them, show hunger and try to make it difficult for them.”


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