Ibanez: ‘Sergio Ramos my role model’

Roma defender Roger Ibanez says Sergio Ramos is his role model and reveals which one of his teammates is the best partner to play Call of Duty.

Ibanez has recovered from an injury and will be available to face Shakhtar tomorrow.

The 22-year-old spoke about his career in an interview with Cronache di Spogliatoio.

“My role model is Sergio Ramos, but I wouldn’t steal any of his qualities. I want to evolve instead.”

Who is the toughest striker to face? Romelu Lukaku or Cristiano Ronaldo?

“It’s hard to choose. Both of them have quality and are challenging.”

Ibanez is a Call of Duty enthusiast. Does he play with any of his teammates?

“Yes, with JJ Lupo, Juan Jesus. I’ve played with him a few times, and we get along.”

Which songs does he listen to before playing a game?

“I like to listen to the group Menos è Mais.”


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