Foreign ownerships in Italian football

Robert Platek has bought a majority stake in Spezia and there are now seven Serie A clubs with foreign ownerships.

The American businessman announced to have completed Spezia’s takeover today.

“We are happy for the acquisition of Spezia Calcio,” the statement from the Platek family read.

“Serie A is the elite and for some time we have been looking for an opportunity to partner with an Italian club whose mission, ethos and ethics we appreciated.”

Platek is the seventh foreign owner in Serie A, but there are many more in lower divisions such as Serie B and Serie C.

Serie A sides Inter, Milan, Parma, Bologna, Fiorentina and Roma have foreign owners and the same is true of historical clubs in lower divisions such as Venezia, Pisa, Como and Padova.

Find out which Italian clubs are run by foreign businessman.

Serie A:

Bologna Joey Saputo (Canada)

Fiorentina Rocco Commisso (USA)

Inter Suning (China)

Milan Elliott (USA)

Parma Kyle Krause (USA)

Roma Dan Friedkin (USA)

Spezia Robert Platek (USA)

Serie B

Pisa: Alexandre Knaster (Russia)

Venezia VFC Newco (USA)

Serie C

Como Sent Entertainment (Great Britain)

Padova Joseph Oughorlian (France)

Triestina Mauro Biasin (Australia)


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