What have Stefan Kießling, Kevin Kuranyi and Edin Dzeko together? All three players wear at present 18 season hits on their account and to lead thereby the federal league goal scorer list. The Bosnian Stürmer could unlock with a double luggage against hoping home in front again.

The VfL Wolfsburg celebrated in the Sunday afternoon a clear 4:0 – victory against 1899 hoping home and was on Edin Dzeko relying. The Bosnian Stürmer obtained two gates and prepared a further hit for team colleague Misimovic. A strong achievement, which it one makes the OF the match.

Dzeko has now already 18 season gates at the account, just as many as also Kuranyi or Kießling. Only difference: The Wolfsburg gate hunter prepared more gates and is thereby Top Scorer in the federal league.

Desired at the transfer market

The Bosnier plays already since the year 2007 in Wolfsburg, where it stands still until 2013 under contract. Largest prospective customer at an obligation of the gate hunter was up to now always the AC Milan, which did not want the demanded transfer fee of 40 million euros however on the table to put.

In the Castrol of ranking Dzeko slipped last of 14. on the 21. Place off, in April could go it however naturally already again upward.

The key players agains’t Fulham: Both crews have a strong offensive, the hosts are fire dangerous with Zvjezdan Misimovic, Edin Dzeko and Grafite. In addition, Fulhams attack can to be seen be able, everything in front Topstürmer Zamora and the Gera and Duff acting from farther back.

There is an report that Chelsea FC and Man City will send their scouts on that match to watch Edin Dzeko.

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