Dzeko about the new season

Edin Dzeko had an interview in which he talked about the new season, his form, club’s form etc. He also talked about previous and the current manager of Manchester City. If you’re thinking to bet that Dzeko will score in the next match, you should check for the best football bets.

“I think my form is a tribute to the new coach. The manager is very important to a player’s form, and I have noticed a difference. I think for every player it is important he knows the manager believes in him, and it is important he has the confidence of the manager. That helps you to find the best form.”

“There was a lot of speculation about my future, I heard I was supposed to be leaving, but I never heard from the club they wanted to sell me. And you never heard from me I wanted to leave. I am happy, I have the confidence of the manager and my form is good.”

“Since that game against Bayern in Munich the club has been bringing in some great players and the new manager, and we want to improve all together on the pitch, do it together. We are playing together and we have confidence.”

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