Duncan accepts apology over racial abuse

Cagliari midfielder Alfred Duncan has accepted an apology from the mother of a teenager who racially abused him on social media after the game against Roma.

Duncan is only the last Serie A player subjected to racist abuse on social media.

The former Fiorentina midfielder published on Instagram the insulting messages he received after the game against Roma on Sunday.

It emerged the user who racially abused the 28-year-old and insulted his family is a teenager whose mother apologised to Duncan after he published the stories.

Duncan confirmed the mother contacted both him and the club to give her apologies.

“I accept the apology because she understood the mistake and attempted to rectify it. I have little interest in racist insults, but never go after someone’s parents and we should know that behind every footballer are people who have made sacrifices to arrive where they have,” Duncan wrote on Instagram,” Duncan wrote in an Instagram story.

“This should be a lesson primarily for the parents because we are the reflection of our children.”

Cagliari published the screenshot of the story on Twitter and praised their midfielder: “A lesson in respect, congratulations.”


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