Di Canio argues about Mourinho

Paolo Di Canio argued with a Sky Sport journalist about José Mourinho: ‘Some Roma fans think they’ve already won the treble.’

The former Lazio striker doesn’t seem to be too excited about the Special One’s arrival in the capital.

Earlier in May, he went viral for a vicious rant against the former Inter, Tottenham and Chelsea boss.

On Sunday, he insisted the Portuguese coach has made “many mistakes” over the last few years.

“When Roma announced Mourinho, I received 300 messages from friends of mine who are Roma fans. I could only hear the screams, nothing more,” Di Canio said during Sky Calcio Club.

“I told the truth in that audio message that went viral. He’s made many mistakes over the last few years,” the former striker added.

“He won everything with Inter, but that was ten years ago. Some of my friends think they have already won the treble.

“I understand it’s not good for somebody to go against Mourinho, but it’s crazy to say he’s done well lately.”

Sandro Piccinini, one of the most popular football journalists in Italy, didn’t share Di Canio’s thoughts and defended the special one saying Mourinho had been sacked for different reasons over the last few years. “There was always a different story,” the journalist claimed.

At that point, Di Canio, didn’t hold back: “He was sacked and you are saying he did his job, fantastic,” he replied.

“Mourinho was sacked for multiple reasons. He didn’t bring the results and divided the dressing rooms.

“I know why you are saying these things, Sandro, but I don’t care about likes on social media, I lived the dressing rooms more than you did, so maybe you don’t understand some dynamics.

“I am telling you, Mourinho is not the same one he used to be.”

“I’ve been around the dressing rooms more than you, not as a footballer but as a reporter, I’ve spoken to many coaches and I can understand these things,” Piccinini replied.

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