De Rossi explains COVID hospitalisation

Daniele De Rossi reveals why he went to hospital with COVID-19 symptoms. ‘I stood up and nearly fainted. The doctors said if I hadn’t had it checked out…’

The former Roma midfielder is now part of Roberto Mancini’s Italy staff, which is where he contracted the Coronavirus during that recent outbreak.

He was taken into the Spallanzani hospital in Rome on Friday and is undergoing treatment for pneumonia.

“I came here because I had too many symptoms that were not only not improving, but actively getting worse,” De Rossi told L’Agenzia Dire.

“Yesterday morning, I stood up from the chair as normal and nearly fainted. My ears were buzzing, it all sounded blocked and I almost fell over, so I asked to have a check-up.

“I came here and I’ve got a bilateral interstitial pneumonia. It’s not at the worst stage, but it’s definitely there. I wish I didn’t have it, especially as the doctors said if I hadn’t had it checked out…

“Basically, this is not a situation at the limit, but it’s also not the kind of COVID you can treat at home.”


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