Conte explains substitutions

Antonio Conte explains his substitutions during Roma-Inter and insists he doesn’t want new signings in January.

“I think it was a good game, also in the first half. Don’t forget Roma have our same targets, they are just three points behind us, they sit third in the table. It was not easy to play this kind of game here.

Achraf Hakimi’s substitution in the second half was questioned by DAZN pundits.

“Vidal got injured and Gagliardini replaced him, Lautaro gave so much in 75 minutes, I wanted him to help the team in the defensive phase, Hakimi run so much, he was losing the ball possession too frequently, we’ve played three games in a week, those players have always played and we have substitutions we can use.

“Vidal played a very good game, he had a slow start, but he increased the intensity throughout the game.

“We have an important team that can aim for something important, I don’t see why I can’t use other players too.”

Did Inter sit too deep in the final minutes?

“I think there was a bit of anxiety to get an important result. We told the players to continue to press, because sitting deep is not a good thing. Roma had nothing to lose and tried to push ahead, it’s normal.

“We have our own identity and we always prove it. Fonseca said it yesterday, we are a difficult team to stop. Other coaches recognise it, not everyone does.

“We often concede goals because we press too high and we leave too much space behind us. We’ve allowed so many games on the counterattacks this season.

“On the one hand, it can help you to score, on the other hand you can become more vulnerable if you make mistakes.

“Don’t forget we must have the strength and energy to do certain things, I’ve always used the same XI in the last few games, it’s normal to lose energy in the final minutes.”

Do Inter need to signings in January?

“The verb ‘want’ does not exist this season. In August I was informed about the club’s strategies, we signed Hakimi in April and nobody else arrived afterwards.

“The strategy is clear. I want nobody, I work with these players, we have strengths and weaknesses, but that’s who we are. Forget the Inter of the last transfer window, that’s what I was told.”


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