Cassano gained 14 kilos at Madrid: ‘I ate Nutella out of the jar’

Former Italy international Antonio Cassano revealed he gained 14 kilos in seven months at Real Madrid. ‘I was eating spoonfuls of Nutella’.

The former striker spoke on ‘Bobo TV’ and told about his experience with Real Madrid, revealing he was left out of the squad after a fight with Fabio Capello that made him gain 14 kilos.

Cassano arrived at Real Madrid in January 2006 and the following summer, his former coach at Roma, Capello, was hired as the new coach at Santiago Bernabeu.

“When Capello arrived, I scored two goals in two games and I felt like the king of the world,” he said. “He replaced me in the first half against Lyon, I argued with him in Jerez and then he left me out of the team.”

Cassano went on to play four games in his last six months with Los Blancos, before he returned to Serie A and Sampdoria.

“In Madrid, immediately after arriving, I lost 12 kilos, then [Fabio] Cannavaro arrived and I got all those kilos back.

“At Real Madrid, Nutella was one of the sponsors and every month they gave us five kilos of that product.

“When I was left out of the team, I gained 14 kilos in seven months. I ate it in spoonfuls, straight from the jar, I didn’t care, I didn’t have anything to do.”


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