Zaniolo’s mother: ‘Don’t approve of new girlfriend’

The storm around Roma starlet Nicolò Zaniolo isn’t calming down, as his mother admits she ‘disapproves’ of his new older girlfriend after he split up with his pregnant ex.

The 21-year-old Italy international is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons at the moment, as it emerged he’d broken up with Sara Scaperrotta after finding out she was pregnant with his baby, then got together with Romanian model Madalina Ghenea, who is 12 years his senior.

“We wanted to keep things quiet and private,” assured Zaniolo’s mother Francesca Costa on Radio Radio.

“Sara has always been treated like a member of the family. As soon as we discovered she was expecting a baby, he called us up and was distraught. He was no longer in love with her.

“I had offered to take her to the doctor, but she left and I haven’t heard from her since. She certainly wasn’t thrown out of their home together, and in fact I heard she blocked him on social medial.

“It’s true she already had an abortion seven months ago, and the situation was unpleasant then too, as they broke up and then got back together. They weren’t mature enough to go down that path.”

Now Zaniolo is dating a Romanian model who is 33 years old and already has a child from a previous relationship, but Costa didn’t help the situation by admitting she’s against the union.

“We absolutely do not agree with him seeing this woman, who isn’t much younger than me,” said his mother.

“We are trying to get him to think carefully, but unfortunately this story hit the headlines. Some people said we gave him bad advice, but we told him very different things about this.”

Zaniolo’s agent Claudio Vigorelli was also on the radio show and insisted “Nicolò has the same story as many young kids who experience love affairs that are perhaps premature and rushed. It’s only raising eyebrows because Zaniolo is a Roma player.”


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