‘You are killing the game’ fans and pundits react to Super League

The announcement of the Super League is dividing football fans and pundits around the globe, join the debate and let us know what you think of the new competition.

Juventus, Inter and Milan are among the 12 founding clubs of the Super League that was announced on Sunday night with a joint statement.

There will be 20 participating clubs with 15 Founding Clubs and a qualifying mechanism for a further five teams to qualify annually based on achievements in the prior season.

Midweek fixtures with all participating clubs continuing to compete in their respective national leagues, preserving the traditional domestic match calendar, which remains at the heart of the club game.

The tournament would start in August with clubs participating in two groups of ten, playing home and away fixtures, with the top three in each group automatically qualifying for the quarter-finals. 

Teams finishing fourth and fifth will then compete in a two-legged play-off for the remaining quarter-final positions.  A two-leg knockout format will be used to reach the final at the end of May, which will be staged as a single fixture at a neutral venue.

The announcement caused an earthquake in the world of football and every fan worldwide is discussing the matter.

Former Serie A and Italy start Giuseppe Rossi called the Super League a ‘bull***’ that will “damage our game.”

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has also heavily criticised the plan: “This lot think they can sweep up £300m more each season than the other teams and then wander back on a Saturday and play with that advantage in the PL,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Deduct points , fine heavily and embargo transfers. I hope they haven’t bought some of the other 14 clubs.”

There are so many different opinions floating, but what do you think about the Super League? Do you agree with it or not?

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