Success of Edin Dzeko at Roma

Edin Dzeko has long had a period of great success at most of the sides he has played for. This also includes internationally, where he has 59 goals from his 114 appearances, since his debut back in 2007. This is a fantastic return for Bosnia and shows his attacking prowess. The 35 year old spent a short period at Manchester City and was sent on loan to AS Roma and following a successful period was then signed by the club back in July of 2016 for a fee of around £9.9 million. This has proven to be money well placed by the Italian side, as he has seen lots of success at the club.


Since joining AS Roma, he has amassed 260 appearances, which is the most of anytime spent at clubs throughout his career. This has included 260 appearances with 119 goals and a further 55 assists.  This is an impressive return, and it has certainly helped the success of Roma, who themselves are continuing in the fight for European football each season. Unfortunately, they were unable to get into the all-important Champions league places last season, as they finished down in 7th. The side picked up 62 points from their 38 matches played, with 18 wins, eight draws and a further 12 losses. This meant they finished 16 points outside the top four and an incredible 29 points behind league winners Inter Milan. That shows that it was overall a tough season for Roma and next season they will be looking for a lot of improvement, as they have a lot of progress to make on the other sides, if they are able to get back into the top four and Champion’s league football qualification. This market has opened up with some money being put down on Roma on sites listed here, so can they pull off a much more positive season?

Dzeko will now be looking to be one of the key factors around this and his goal scoring is certainly going to be key to the success for the side in the coming seasons, as he remains in form, despite reaching the latter stages of his career. Looking over his entire career and to date, Edin Dzeko has made 637 appearances in total and has scored 292 goals with a further 132 assists. This also includes 22 goals from 55 appearances in the Champions league, as he has continued to deliver on the top stage and show that he remains one of the top strikers around. It will now be fascinating to see his impact at Roma next season and whether he can help them produce a better finish than last season.

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