Stadio Olimpico might have fans at Euro 2020

The local authorities in Rome assured it is ‘possible to think about’ opening up the Stadio Olimpico to some fans for Euro 2020.

The tournament kicks off in Rome on June 11 when Italy take on Hakan Calhanoglu’s Turkey.

There had been the genuine concern UEFA would remove the fixture from Rome if they were not able to guarantee at least 30 per cent capacity, but that was abandoned this week.

Nonetheless, the local authorities are looking to finally begin opening up the Olimpico.

“With the right caution and prudence, with a system that includes a ticket, a rapid response swab and social distancing, we can think about activating safe open air events,” assessor for health in the Lazio region Alessio D’Amato told RAI Radio 1.

“We could adopt the same method that is currently used for flights from Rome to New York, so a rapid response swab before take-off.

“However, all of this is not down to me, but we need a verdict from the scientific technical committee and the Government.”

Italian football has been played behind closed doors for over a year now, although there was a very brief period when up to 1,000 were allowed into some stadiums.


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