Roma applaud Rashford

Roma encouraged Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford to ‘keep going’, as the England international works to help thousands of children and families.

The Red Devils attacker’s nice gesture in helping FareShare has not gone unnoticed in the world of football, as he both helps and sets an example for others.

Rashford, in the company of his mother, helped volunteers from the organisation to move boxes containing food, as the British Government decided against providing meals for the poorest children.

The striker has been campaigning to end child food poverty and called for an extension of free school meals.

“The real superstars in this country can be found in the heart of most cities, towns and villages, working tirelessly to support our most vulnerable across the UK,” Rashford said.

“As FareShare and other food-related charities approach one of the toughest winters on record, with demand higher than ever before, it’s important that I stay connected and lend my support wherever it’s needed.

“When we stumble, there will always be a community to wrap their arms around us and pick us back up. For many of us, that is FareShare or the local food bank.

“Food banks who are staffed with selfless volunteers, dedicating their lives to protecting the most vulnerable – those who, in many cases, have fallen into unforeseen circumstances due to illness, personal loss and unemployment.

“It should be noted that a lot of these volunteers have themselves suffered unemployment as a result of the pandemic, yet they still strive to help others less fortunate. That to me is the greatest example of what we can do, and the difference we can make, when we just work together.”


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