Pope Francis congratulates Spezia

Spezia had a private meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican today and he congratulated them for the Coppa Italia win against Roma.

The club will remain in Rome for the next few days, as they will face Roma again in Serie A this weekend.

So they took the opportunity to visit Pope Francis at the Vatican and he was given his own Spezia jersey.

“First of all, congratulations, because you did so well yesterday,” His Holiness told the players.

“In Argentina, we dance the tango, and the tango is the 4-2 music. You won 4-2, so that’s good. Congratulations and courage!

“And thank you for visiting me, because I love to see the efforts of young people in sport. Sport is a marvellous thing, it brings out all the best we have in ourselves.

“Continue like this, because it brings you to a great nobility. Thank you for your efforts.”


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