Pirlo had planned defensive Juve

Andrea Pirlo insists Juventus always ‘prepared’ a defend and counter approach against Roma, and it paid off with a 2-0 victory. ‘We need different variations and alternatives.’

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a solo goal out of nowhere and Dejan Kulusevski’s pass was accidentally bundled into the net with Roger Ibanez.

Paulo Fonseca said that Roma had ‘forced’ Juve into a defensive position, but his Bianconeri counterpart assures it was part of the plan.

“We had prepared this type of match. We knew Roma play very good football, so we were prepared to sit back, defend and then go on the counter,” Pirlo told Sky Sport Italia.

“Our preventative marking was good, this was the approach we wanted, because it wasn’t easy to go forward and be aggressive with Roma.

“Instead, we waited for them at times and attacked them at others. We basically did a reverse of the way Roma played against us earlier this season, because you need that in your locker and can’t always be aggressive with a high press.

“We have found the enthusiasm, are more solid and our defensive approach is more determined now, because we learned from mistakes made in the past.

“Giorgio Chiellini is in good shape and we hope he can continue like this. The group has always been humble, known when it’s the time to run without the ball and when everyone needs to help out. Even the biggest champions do that and it’s a crucial element.”

This is Pirlo’s first season as a coach, so what is the most important lesson he learned?

“I’ve learned that not every game is the same, especially in a very tactical league like in Italy, so you need to have different variations and alternatives, because otherwise the opponents can read you too easily.”


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