Napoli hit back at Fienga

Napoli lawyer Enrico¬†Lubrano hits back at Roma CEO Guido Fienga, who had claimed the decision to postpone Juventus-Napoli is ‘ridiculous.’

Roma questioned the decision to change the Juventus-Napoli fixture less than a week from the planned kick-off, first with a formal letter and then through their CEO Guido Fienga.

“I don’t want to comment on the Lega Serie A response because it’s ridiculous, more than the decision itself,” the Roma director said.

“The reasons were not there. They say the decision does not need an explanation, but the real reasons can’t be revealed,” he added.

Napoli lawyer Enrico Lubrano hit back at Fienga in an interview with Radio Kiss Kiss.

“Roma contested the 15 days notice, but a decision is down to the President of the Lega Calcio,” he said.

“Therefore, the decision to play on April 7 is legitimate.

“Roma can question the decision, but there was no breach of article 29”.

Article 29 states a game can be postponed if a formal request is handed 15 days before the planned kick-off, and Roma wanted to know if Napoli and Juventus forwarded the request within this time range.


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