Milan-Roma ref and VAR suspended

It’s reported referee Piero Giacomelli and VAR Luigi Nasca will be suspended for a month after their controversial Milan-Roma decisions.

There were two extremely contentious penalties in the 3-3 draw, one for each side, and they proved difficult to defend even for former officials.

As a result, SportMediaset claim that refereeing designator Nicola Rizzoli will suspend both referee Giacomelli and the VAR Nasca for a month.

They won’t be assigned any Serie A matches as punishment for the poor decisions of the referee and the failure of the VAR to do its job by alerting the official to potential errors.

The designator did, however, rule that Milan should not have received a penalty for Gianluca Mancini’s handball, as he only made contact with his arm after being pushed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

There was still an error here, though, as Ibrahimovic should not have been booked for the slight push.


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