Kane on Mourinho: ‘We had a similar mentality’

Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane revealed he ‘built a great relationship’ with Roma bound Jose Mourinho. ‘We had a similar mentality’.

The England striker will discuss his future with owner Daniel Levy and could be on the move this summer.

On Gary Neville’s new YouTube channel The Overlap, the striker spoke about his rapport with the Mourinho, who has signed a three-year contract with Roma from this summer, and was asked about the difference between the Portuguese tactician and current Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino.

“It was pretty much completely different, if I’m honest,” Kane said. “Just in the style of play, the way they set up, tactical training we would do.

“Mauricio did a lot of gym work, it was a lot of gym base whereas Jose wasn’t so much into that.

“But Jose obviously expected us to be men and act like men on the pitch, have leaders on the pitch.

“To be honest, that’s probably where it didn’t quite work out with Jose, we didn’t quite have enough leadership that we needed at the time.

“The club was in a difficult stage, with Mauricio getting sacked, and it’s never easy with a new manager coming in.

“I think I had a great relationship with Jose, we got on from the first minute. We understood each other, we had a similar mentality and how we saw stuff on the pitch, off the pitch and mentality in training. So, we kind of built that relationship.

“Again, it’s a shame we couldn’t go on to win things, but I’ve been lucky enough to work with Mauricio and Jose.

“They’re two incredible managers that have only helped me in my career, for sure.”

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