Inter director Ausilio denies deals for Sagna and Dzeko

The Nerazzurri representative insists recent trips to England were merely coincidental but did admit that the club “like” Porto midfielder Fernando

Inter director Piero Ausilio has ruled out moves for Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna and Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko.

The Nerazzurri have already secured a deal to sign Nemanja Vidic, who will move to San Siro in the summer when his contract with Manchester United expires.

Ausilio insists several recent visits to England have not related to looming transfers, dismissing rumours of approaches for Dzeko, who has been told he can leave City, and free agent Sagna.

When asked about links with Sagna, the Inter official said: “There’s no connection with my trips and the same goes for Dzeko.

“There is the opportunity to travel when we don’t have matches during the week. It’s an opportunity to develop contacts by being around other people in the industry.”

Ausilio also suggested the club were unlikely to follow up interest in midfielder Fernando after he signed a new deal with Porto, while he is hopeful of signing Ricky Alvarez to a new deal.

“We like him [Fernando], he had an expiring contract but he extended with Porto,” Ausilio added.

“Alvarez’s extension? His agent lives in Argentina, there isn’t a daily contact like with others, but when you want to find a solution it will arrive.

“We will meet in coming days. I’m hopeful with [Fredy] Guarin, when the time is right we will do same with Alvarez.”

One thought on “Inter director Ausilio denies deals for Sagna and Dzeko”

  1. Too be fair, I’ve never seen Fab play acting, i’ve never seen him be dirty, i’ve never seen him taclke one of his own players.Eboue is dislked becuase he is embaressing. His feigning of injuries, he play acting and lets be honest his cheating is what is shameful. We don’t like opposition players doing it so we shouldn’t accept our players doing it.Often his play acting acts as a negative to the team. So many times we have to kick the ball out for him when everyone knows there is nothing wrong with him.Yesterday he was terrible. You can make excuses about match fitness but there is no excuse for tackling a team-mate who is clearly telling you to get out the way and make a run and then to compund that error, pass it infield to a Wigan player with our centre-back out of postion.I’m not saying booing him is right. Personally i don’t boo. I dont like Eboue but i don’t boo our own players. I wont sing Adebayor’s name after his antics in the summer, whoring himself to clubs then getting a huge and undeserved pay rise from it. I wont sing his name but i won’t boo him.The players are so far detached from us as fans, some of them are detached from reality.The fact is we pay huge sums to follow our team up and down the country and they are paid fortunes and sometimes look like they don’t give a toss. They often don’t thank us for our support (Clichy and Walcott always do) and i’m not sure they grasp how much of our time and money is spent supporting them, nor do they probably care.A lot of the anger and unhappiness stems from the players, percieved or otherwise, lack of care and effort.Its not just at Arsenal, it’s up and down the country. Liverpool getting booed off, Chelsea, Man utd, Sp*rs, West Ham – it’s common and it’s becoming more common.We as fans can no longer relate to the players on the pitch and while everyone fights through the credit crunch the players are earning stupid sums of money.I’ll always love Arsenal and love can often hurt.

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