Fienga furious over Juve-Napoli change

Roma’s CEO Guido Fienga insists the decision to postpone the Juventus vs. Napoli fixture is ridiculous. ‘The real reasons can’t be revealed.’

Juventus-Napoli had been rescheduled for March 17, but the Lega Serie A decided a new date for the game last week, sparking controversy.

Roma protested with a formal letter to the Lega Serie A, questioning the decision to change the Juventus-Napoli fixture less than a week from the planned kick-off.

Lega Serie A replied saying, “all the decisions were taken following the rules.”

“The letter was clear. I would not want to add anything,” Fienga told reporters after attending the appeal hearing against the 3-0 defeat by default handed to Roma in the Verona fixture on matchday 1.

“I don’t want to comment on the Lega Serie A response because it’s more ridiculous than the decision itself,” the Roma director added.

“The reasons were not there. They say the decision does not need an explanation, but the real reasons can’t be revealed.”


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