Dzeko 2x against Monchengladbach

The Bosnier again proved its value for the wolves and marked against a helpless Borussia from Moenchengladbach double luggage. Everything reminds for the moment of the last season, when Dzekos star came up and shines until today brightly.

Dante, Brouwers and CO looked at themselves only helplessly, when Edin Dzeko turned off, in order to celebrate with its crew colleagues its second hit on this day. The VfL Wolfsburg was against Borussia Moenchengladbach the playful better crew and triumphed earned. The Bosnier was with two gates the man of the play.

Each million worth

Dzeko shot six times today at the Gladbacher gate, each third attempt was a hit. It won only each fourth duel (four of 20), for it however the important. Without its storm partner from the master season and little support of Martin showed Dzeko, why the VfL Wolfsburg demands around the 40 million euros for its Superstürmer. Also the Castrol of ranking speaks a clear language: Dzeko is here among the five best federal league players and with the wolves the number unity! Claudio Pizarro (800 points) is still better only among the aggressors than Dzeko (784).

Gate hunter cannon in view

Were Dzekos of season gates 13 and 14. Thus it is not only undisputed Toptorschütze of the master, but pushed itself also in the gate hunter list beside Kießling and Kuranyi onto the divided first place. The chances stand well that after Grafite in the last year in this season a Wolfsburger gets the cannon of the most accurate player again.

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