De Rossi defends Fonseca

Daniele De Rossi defends Paulo Fonseca and says he is looking forward to beginning his coaching career.

The 2006 Italy World Cup winner participated to Bobo Vieri’s live show on Twitch to discuss Serie A matters.

The Roma legend defended under-fire Roma coach Paulo Fonseca.

“Roma sit fourth in the table and are going to face Udinese and Benevento next, it’s crazy to question him,” De Rossi said.

“He has had highs and lows and it’s clear Roma are struggling against the top clubs. However, I am not saying they should be satisfied, they can’t be pleased with winning against the small clubs and losing against the big clubs, they must aim for something better.

“In terms of playing style and results, Fonseca is living up to expectations, maybe he is even doing something more even if Roma are not inferior to Milan, Napoli, Lazio or Atalanta.

“Ambition is the key, last year a spoke to a Roma director who told me he was happy with how things were going.

“Roma were fifth in the table and it was not right to say things were running smoothly in that position.”

De Rossi had been linked with the Fiorentina job last summer.

“Legally, I was ready, but it didn’t go further.

“The idea of getting started is electrifying. I would have really liked and would still like to do it in a place that’s really up for it.”


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